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Jingsi, Shenchuan Hall

Jingsi, Shenchuan Hall

Jingsi, Shenchuan Hall

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    Jingsi, Shenchuan Hall
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    The sky is long and the earth is far away
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-25 23:26:14
It is said that Jiuding records all things in the world. All princes and heroes want it, not because it is only the inheritance of rivers and mountains but because Jiuding itself is a peerless treasure it is said that thousands of years ago, when King Yu forged the nine tripods, he used thousands of magicians and Taoist mages to inlay the treasures of mountains, rivers, geography and Kyushu on the corresponding tripods if you get a tripod, you can be called the king of princes What's more, it can solve the mystery of immortality, the art of longevity and ancient treasures from the records in the tripod therefore, the question of the Central Plains comes from this if you get it, you can command the world after thousands of generations, the real nine tripods have long ceased to exist, and future kings have also forged them, but after all, they have to imitate the cat and draw the tiger, so they can only use their shape rather than their essence it is said that the real nine tripods were buried in the boundaries of nine states in the world. Or deep mountain cave, or deep-sea water city, or underground palace abyss only incomplete mysterious patterns are left JIANG Wuxian, an orphan of a famous family, appeared as a disciple to find the mystery of the nine tripods meet a beautiful detective who met as a child join hands to investigate countless cases and solve the shocking cases the story begins with Jiuding asking the world. Welcome to read it.

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